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With many years of programming, I have taken up interest in the programming language called REALStudio ( 

I have been programming computers for a little over 25 years, and my favorite languages have been Pascal, Visual Basic, Java and REALStudio.  I am interested in RAD (Rapid Application Development).  Over 99% of all of my programs are highly business and technically based.  Other programming languages are more powerful, but when I need to have a program built in a day, it can be done.

Pascal became obsolete, and this facilitated my change to Visual Basic.  After the complete format change of Visual Basic from 6.0, REALStudio, and Java were the strongest available alternatives. 

Java offers many benefits, including the ability to make executable files on the three major Operating System (OS) platforms (Windows, Linux and Macintosh). 

REALStudio has been increasing the base of programmers by providing many examples and implementing many new and exciting features.  Since I have been programming in Windows (albeit some DOS) based systems for so many years, and so many of my colleagues have this operating system, I am required to follow the masses.

REALbasic Examples (freeware source code)

REALStudio has many good code examples. The following code is free to download and contains examples that I was using on various projects.

ODBC 2003-2007 Example An example of working with REALStudio and Microsoft Access 2003-2007 mdb databases. The controls perform typical add/edit/delete controls. This is a DSNless connection. Code has been updated to work on Windows 7 with REALStudio 2011 Release 3.
Calendar Window Example with Bold Date This is a modified example based on the calendar code from REALStudio. With the help of Tim Hare, the calendar bolds today's date. This was tested on Windows 7 with REALStudio 2011 Release 3.
Editfield Validate Editfield Validate limits the accepted key strokes that are allowed in the program. This may be helpful for formatting telephone numbers or preventing problems where letters may cause errors when only numbers are required.
ToolBarDropDownButtons Toolbar dropdown button contains example code to provide a dropdown menu function. Last tested on Windows 7 with REALStudio 2011 Release 3.
SaveAsDialog SaveAsDialog is an example where a file that is in the same directory as the executable file is copied to the directory chosen in the Dialog.
 Enable/Disable MenuItem Enable/Disable Filemenu is an example program which can enable a menuitem or disable a menuitem by clicking the appropriate pushbutton. When the menuitem is enabled, then a message box is displayed.
ListBox Popup Menu Listbox Popup menu is a program that you can add a new row, click on the row and choose a displayed colour. This chosen colour is then placed in the row that was added to the listbox. Last tested on Windows 7 with REALStudio 2011 Release 4
Multi Listbox Popup Menu The Multi Listbox Popup example allows the changing of more than one column with each column allowing different selections. Last tested on Windows 7 with REALStudio 2011 Release 4
Listbox Submenu Popup When a submenu popup is wanted on a listbox, the following example shows the choices. In this example, press the 'add' button, click on the new row and choose the item. The chosen selection will update the row in the listbox. This was created with Windows 7 on REALStudio 2011 Release 4.
Listbox Popup Listbox A listbox from another listbox is updated when the selected colour is doubleclicked.  This was created with Windows 7 on REALStudio 2011 Release 4. Thanks to the user harriew from the REALStudio forums for assistance with this example.
Resize Photo  Resize Photo is a one-line command that will allow dynamic resizing of a photograph. The sample program was created on Windows 7 with REALStudio 2011 Release 4.





RAD - Rapid Application Development.  This is a programming language which minimizes the time required for making a program by having many pieces pre-build into the language.
Three common RAD languages are REALStudio, Visual Basic, and Netbeans Java.