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Eugene Dakin Ph.D., P.Chem

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Chemical Cylinders

Associations, Societies, and Forums

There are many associations that further chemical development and keep professionals on the 'cutting-edge'. It is also a good idea to be an active member where you can meet other people in your area that have common interests.

Eugene is a member of the following Associations/Societies/Forums:

Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta - If you wish to become a Professional Chemist, or would like to understand more about professional chemistry, go to the website by clicking on the link.

Society of Petroleum Engineers - Membership in this society has many benefits when working in the oilfield.  Although the title mentions engineers, there are many other professionals involved in petroleum production.  The SPE has an online Technical Interest Group (TIG) where professionals from around the world can share information.

North American Corrosion Engineers - This well known association has been around for quite a number of years.  There are many positive aspects of NACE, such as discussions with professionals online, standards, and much much more.

Chemical Forums - This forum is for professionals and students alike.  When professionals occasionally get stumped, this is where questions are posted and answers are given.  Similarly, students and aspiring chemists can actively learn by reading all of the posts, or by actively participating in the process. 



Association - An organization of persons having a common interest.

Society - An organized group working together or periodically meeting because of common interests or profession.


Forum - a public meeting place for open discussion.