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With many years of programming, I have taken up interest in the programming language called Java with the IDE programming environment called Netbeans

I have been programming computers for a little over 25 years, and my favorite languages have been Pascal, Visual Basic, REALbasic, and now Netbeans Java.  I am interested in RAD (Rapid Application Development).  Over 99% of all of my programs are highly business and technically based.  Java is a very powerful open language.

Pascal became obsolete, and this facilitated my change to Visual Basic.  After the complete format change of Visual Basic from 6.0, REALbasic was the closest alternative. After a while, I noticed there was alot of code available for Java Netbeans. So I tried it and liked it. 

Java offers many benefits, including the ability to make executable files on the three major Operating System (OS) platforms (Windows, Linux and Macintosh). 

Java has been increasing the base of programmers by providing many examples and implementing many new and exciting features.  Since I have been programming in Windows (albeit some DOS) based systems for so many years, and so many of my colleagues have this operating system, I am required to follow the masses.

For those who program on Windows, I will be developing more free examples in the future.  The most requested samples I see is that which works with the IDE.

Netbean Java Examples (freeware source code)

JComboBox Example - Download and uncompress this zipped file. Open the Netbeans Java IDE and open this project.  It provides two simple methods of populating a ComboBox in the Netbeans IDE.




RAD - Rapid Application Development.  This is a programming language which minimizes the time required for making a program by having many pieces pre-build into the language.
Three common RAD languages are REALbasic, Visual Basic, and Netbeans Java.