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Eugene Dakin Ph.D., P.Chem

Professional Chemist

Chemical Cylinders

Areas of Industrial Chemistry

Chemistry  and Chemical consulting are area's of Eugene's expertise.  If you would like consulting services, contact Eugene for further information.  His information is available on the Contact page.

Rush consulting is usually in the area of natural gas dehydration, sweetening plants, corrosion, water treatment, petroleum refineries, and Oilfield production.  Other areas of consulting are usually performed at a more moderate pace.

This area will become much larger in the future.  As I have more available time, the chemical/chemistry aspect of these areas will be explained in much greater detail. 

Many of the areas of chemistry include:

1) Cleaning Chemistry

2) Corrosion Chemistry

3) Environmental Chemistry

4) Oilfield Chemistry

5) Industrial Plant Optimization

6) Research and Development

7) Water Chemistry

8) Metallurgical Chemistry

9) Refinery Plant Chemistry

10) Drilling Chemistry

11) Drill-in Chemistry

12) Production Chemistry

13) Completion Chemistry

14) Stimulation Chemistry


Industrial chemistry is an area that is underdeveloped.  

There are great opportunities available for consulting chemists with experience in the field, management and the laboratory.