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Eugene Dakin Ph.D., P.Chem

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Scale Inhibitors

Scale Inhibitors prevent further scale buildup of the metal or plastic piping and equipment in the oilfield.  Some crude oils with high levels of scale that pipeline plugging occur during only a few weeks of actual service. 


If scaling in the oilfield is not addressed, the reduced production can actually kill a well.


Usually, low levels of scale inhibitors (20 ppm to 500 ppm) are continuously injected or batched to prevent or limit scaling of this equipment.


The following diagram displays the effectiveness of a production line with, and without a scale inhibitor that is mixed with produced fluid.



The untreated (top) line has a buildup of scale which eventually causes the line to plug.  Because of the lower cross-sectional diameter and increased surface roughness, production rates decrease and stop.


A line treated with a Corrosion Inhibitor prevents scale from attaching to the line.  This action inhibits the scale from having large concentrations to precipitate from the produced fluids.  This maintains a scale free produced fluid to maximize production. 



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