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Manganese Concentration

Concentrations of manganese are monitored to determine the corrosion rates of equipment (pipes, pumps, etc) in Oil and Water production. 


As the corrosion process continues, manganese dissolves into the liquid from the steel.  If a corrosion program is implemented by a registered chemist through an inhibitor program, the manganese concentration of the water will be reduced.  The reduced manganese concentration in the water is due to the lowered rate of dissolved iron being removed from the steel.


Corrosion inhibitors come in many varieties, and each has its particular strengths.  Some corrosion inhibitors are excellent under highly corrosive conditions (acids, dissolved salts, with water), while others excel with protecting iron from corrosive hydrocarbons.


When determining corrosion rates due to dissolved iron in produced fluids, background manganese concentrations must be determined, and are significantly more reliable than iron concentrations.


Another method for testing corrosion rate is monitoring iron concentrations.


Corrode (kə-rōd) : To eat away by degrees as if by gnawing.  To wear away, usually by chemical action.