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Conversion and Calculation Program

Due to many requests, the Conversion and Calculations program has been reworked to run on Windows Vista. This program is available for other versions of Windows.

The following screenshot shows the main menu of the Conversions and Calculations program.

There are currently five main section of calculations which are: Coatings, Pipeline Volume, Annular Volume, Tanks, Fuel Use, Calculator and Unit Conversion. Feel free to download the program. 


This compressed download is 2.0 megabytes in size. Installation requires at least 60 megabytes of uncompressed hard drive space. 

Click on the button below to request a version to be e-mailed to you.

Version 4.0.0

Download Conversions and Calculations HERE



The ConvR Calculations program was designed and programmed by Eugene in the start of 1993.  These mathematical equations help expedite the long tedious calculations required to determine chemical doses and eliminate problems associated with industrial plants and other areas of the chemical industry.

This program is able to perform calculation with many unit types (Imperial, Metric, etc.).