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Proppant Chemistry

Proppants are a great tool when stimulating and fracturing formations.  The following explanation provides an outline of generalized steps taken when fracturing a formation.


In a producing formation, hydrocarbons are produced from the formation into the pore spaces.  Over time, the pore spaces become plugged with hydrocarbon deposits, scales, and other material.
Pressurized liquid and gases are injected into the pore spaces which open these spaces (lengthen, widen, and splinter).  Liquids clean and remove debris to further open pore spaces.
Once the spaces have been cleaned and expanded, proppants are introduced to keep the pore spaces open once the chemicals have been released.
Cleaned, widened, and lengthened pore spaces will provide increased production now that the


Chemicals are used to create proppants, pressurize formations, clean pore spaces, to ultimately restore oilfield production. 






Proppant : something that strengthens, supports, or sustains.